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Heritage Tour in Kullu Manali

Business Tour in Kullu Manali

Business Tour in Kullu Manali

Manali is a hill station nestled in the mountains of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh near the northern end of the Kullu Valley, at an altitude of 2,050 m in the Beas River Valley.  It is located in the Kullu district, about 270 km (168 mi) north of the state capital, Shimla. It has become a tourist attraction in recent years.

Kullu is a valley gifted with nature’s charm and scenic beauty. Splashing rivers, water streams and lofty mountains with finest of slopes make it a place perfect for adventure sports.

It has numerous temples and is therefore, called the “Valley of Gods”. Celebration of Dussehra is in itself a prime attraction of the valley attracting many tourist every year.

The main attractions of Kullu  Manali are – Raghunath Temple, Bijli Mahadev Temple, Sultanpur Palace, Basheshwar Mahadev Temple, Akhara Bazaar, Hadimba Temple, Buddhist Monasteries, Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Old Manali, Nehru Kund and much more…

Culture has always been a major object of travel, as the development of the Grand Tour from the 16th century onwards attests. In the 20th century, some people have claimed, culture ceased to be the objective of tourism: tourism is now culture. Cultural attractions play an important role in tourism at all levels, from the global highlights of world culture to attractions that underpin local identities.

Business tours are a media where students will come through a experience of witnessing ‘in real’ what they read or should know about India. Ath Hospitality is providing full service heritage Tours in Kullu Manali. We plan tours from travel from your location and accommodation and day to day sight seeing and staying in Hotel including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Business Tour in Kullu Manali

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